Q&A with Gerrie

Q: Micro-Q Consulting is a small company, but has an impressive client base. What do you attribute this to ?

Gerrie: Our dedication to help companies of all sizes; we do not walk away from a project unless the client is fully satisfied. We have staff with a track record in a variety of industries, with combined experience in excess of 70 years. We feel confident that the success we have had with so many companies, will definitely breed success in other companies as well.

Q: Why is it so important for companies to have ISO ?

Gerrie: ISO helps companies to get their teams to follow the same procedures, to employ resources in the same way and to tackle concerns in a systematic manner. It helps companies to prevent problems, by establishing specific systems, before they occur. In this way it prevents have to redo things or rework failed product. Companies through auditing the systems can identify deficiencies in the processes and by fixing these ensures a workable management system.

Q: Many companies are concerned about the cost. What can Micro-Q Consulting do to accommodate a clients budget ?

Gerrie: Our Motto is “Make Quality affordable to all companies". If we see a company does not have adequate resources, we endeavour to accommodate them, without compromising the quality of our service. We believe Quality and ISO9001 will eventually save costs if properly employed.

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